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Mar 29, 2024

Dakota Johnson talks about ‘Madame Web 2’ and warns: “It is not a movie from the Spider-Man universe”.

We interviewed the actress on the occasion of the first superhero premiere of the year, a film based on a secondary character from the Spider-Man comics.

The first superhero movie of the year is just around the corner. And no, it will not be from Marvel or DC. Madame Web is a Sony Pictures bet that will hit theaters on February 16, 2024 and will present the character of Cassandra Web, a recurring secondary character from the Spider-Man comics. Dakota Johnson will play the role of the young mutant , with whom we have been lucky enough to talk these days about the project… and the future.
MeriStation: How did you come into contact with the project? Was it presented to you as a part of the Spider-Man universe, as an action movie, superheroes…? How did they sell it to you and what was it about this story that drew you to be interested in it?

Dakohta Johnson: “They sent me the script for what I read and I thought it was very clever, realistic, different. But it is not part of the Spider-Man universe, but a new world within Marvel from the perspective of Madame Web.”

MeriStation: Everyone says that filming a superhero movie is very different from the rest because of the special effects, the importance of post-production, monitoring and the pressure of the fans… Have you felt that way? What has been your experience?

Dakohta Johnson: “I had a great time. I think the movie doesn’t go too crazy with the special effects, which it does have, but the sets were pretty practical and made it feel real so so far it’s been great.”

MeriStation: Have you done any prior research for the role? Have you read any specific comics or seen any movies or references provided by the team?

Dakohta Johnson: “Yes, of course, I’ve read everything I can about the comics.”

MeriStation: Would you like to come back for a sequel? Would you do ‘Madame Web 2’ or has it been a once in a lifetime experience?

Dakohta Johnson: “I would go back… if they asked me to.”

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